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what exactly is

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is a cosmetic technique which implements ink into the skin as a means of producing permanent or semi permanent designs that resemble makeup, such as lips and brows. This technique enhances your natural beauty and reduces the time spent on your daily makeup routine.



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Milca Garcia

I am a Latina originating from Sinaloa, Mexico. Being into the beauty industry runs in my family. Just like my mother I’m passionate about what I do.

My goal is to help women bring out their inner baddie. How? By enhancing their beauty with Permanent Makeup. “Come vibe with me at ELEV8D Ink.”


How long does it take for PMU to heal and can I return to my normal activities following my appointment?

For Brows it normally takes 7-14 days to heal, and 1 month for the color to set in.
For lips it normally takes 5-7 days to heal, and 1 month for the color to set in.

You will receive clear aftercare instructions. It is very important to follow instructions to achieve maximum results. There are a few limitations such as sun exposure, sweating, going in a pool, etc. for a couple weeks after treatment.

How often would I need a touch up?

First touch up after initial PMU appointment it is recommended to come in at 6-8 weeks.

After it is recommended to touch up every year, depending on your skin type will determine if it is needed sooner.

Keeping up with touch up will maintain the shape of the brows and vibrancy of the color.

Does PMU hurt?

We use a good quality anesthetic. Although some clients feel a slight discomfort, it is only temporary. Most clients feel nothing at all.

Am I a good candidate for PMU?

Women who are pregnant or nursing will not be good candidates.

If undergoing chemotherapy you are recommended to finish treatment as the risk of infection could be great.

Those being treated by a physician or taking medications such as blood thinners should consult with a doctor.

Your skin type can affect results.

Why is Elev8d Ink right for you?

A clean and well organized space is essential and important when getting any PMU service. I am Blood Borne Pathogen certified and a Washington State Licensed Tattoo Artist.

Rest assured I got you ladies when it comes to sanitation, bloodspill precautions and making sure the studio vibes are always on point.